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Top Memory Foam Mattresses

Best for Most People
Best Memory Foam Mattress Leesa Hybrid Mattress
$845 from 4 stores
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Why Consider This:
The Leesa Hybrid mattress combines the softness and adaptability of memory-foam with the support of pocket coils. As such, it's extremely comfortable for all sleeping positions, and its materials will hold up—and keep you cool—better than the competition.
People Like:
  • Extremely comfortable in all sleeping positions
  • Pocket coils provide fantastic Edge Support
  • Sleeps cooler than other mattresses
People Dislike:
  • More expensive than some options
  • Some initial offgassing smell
  • Heavier the foam-only mattresses
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21,112 Reviews from 4 Sites
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Best Value
Best Memory Foam Mattress Casper Essential Mattress
$581.29 from 3 stores
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Why Consider This:
Casper recently redesigned their Essential mattress, increasing the thickness from 8.5 inches to 11 inches. The difference in comfort is noticeable. Owners and critics describe the Essential as comfortable, yet supportive.
People Like:
  • Good blend of support and softness
  • Premium quality at a value price
  • Especially good for side sleepers
People Dislike:
  • Not a good choice for those over 200 lbs
  • Initial offgassing smell
  • Poor edge support
Owner Score
2,285 Reviews from 3 Sites
Media & Critic Score
8 Media Reviews
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Why Consider This:
Tempur-Pedic's Medium Hybrid Tempur-Adapt mattress provides a luxurious, cloud-like feeling with fantastic edge support. The dense memory foam, high number of pocket coils, and premium materials deliver a quality unmatched on this list. Unfortunately, this means that the mattress is far more expensive than other options and that there are less reviews to champion it.
People Like:
  • Tempur foam is the most cradling option available
  • Pocket coils provide great support
  • Sleeps exceptionally cool
People Dislike:
  • Few available reviews; unclear if upside is worth the price
  • Quality: Higher-density foam will likely last longer than other options
  • Expensive
Owner Score
154 Reviews from 15 Sites
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3 Media Reviews
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Buying a mattress is an investment. A high-quality memory foam mattress can cost thousands of dollars, but comparing different mattresses isn’t straightforward. Given that you’ll use your mattress nightly for years, getting one that’s comfortable and durable at a good price is worth the research. You deserve the best memory foam mattress, which is why we’ve researched the top mattress brands and analyzed reviews from both mattress owners and industry critics. Here’s what we found:

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